Home Lighting Ideas and Guide for Best Home Decor

Lighting is one of the key elements that turn your house into a perfect home. If you want to look and feel of your home can be transformed with the right kind of lighting then must follow our home lighting ideas and guide for your best home decor.

Proper lighting enables you to perform tasks easily, makes you feel safe, comfortable and allows you to enjoy your home to its full potential. Lights play a major role in personal behavior. When light is inadequate or in excess, a person may feel irritated or uneasy, not knowing the actual reason. Hence, it becomes important that the light is uniform and as per requirement.

Spoilt for Choice

From inset LED ceiling lights, stand-alone floor lamps to track lighting and task lighting, there is a wide variety in lamps and light fixtures in the market. There are several options to choose from – floor lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lamps, spot and pendant lights, lamp shades, chandeliers and so on.

With people becoming conscious about chic living, the demand for innovative designs and functionality is also increasing, not just for lamps but for other home accessories as well. Of late, there has been an influx of international design brands in India. A beautiful lamp can even add to the look of the room even when it is not in use.

Create an Ambience

Lights can make a room feel intimate, calm, romantic or energizing and vibrant. For proper lights at home, always consider the purpose of the room and then choose the light accordingly. Opt for white or yellow lights as per preference.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

Ambient or general lighting illuminates the entire room while task lighting is for illumination of a specific space such as a dining table, dressing table, kitchen platform, paintings and so on. A chandelier can be the focal point and make the room look elegant.

For the living room decor, which is an important area in the home, a chandelier can be fixed according to the size of the room. This will not only provide uniform light but also give an aesthetic look. It can be complimented with wall lights. Also, to highlight picture frames, use picture lights. Besides that, if you can also have table lamps or floor lamps, these not only add to the decor of the room but also are a good source of light

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The bedroom is a personal area where access is limited to outsiders. It is a place to relax. If you are going in for surface-mounted fixtures, then hanging lights should be close from the bottom. Bedrooms can have either bedside wall lights or table lamps on sides for night reading without disturbing the other person, which can also used as additional source of lighting.

A study can be a mini office as well as a leisurely reading area. So, preferably, opt for white lights for clarity and ease. A small, flexible table lamp can be of great help in the study. Do not neglect the main door, bathrooms, balconies and corridors, when it comes to lighting.

Go with the Decor

While selecting lighting fixtures, ensure it goes well with the home’s decor scheme and furniture. If you have period furniture, then, traditional design lighting fixtures go well. The same applies for modern or contemporary designs.

Choose lamps made of glass, fibre, brass, silver and lamps shades in different colours and styles. The intricately carved lamps will emit light with an interesting play of light and shadow. “The glow of lamps adds a beautiful radiance. The intricacy of the brass work on the lamp, detailed design on the glass shades, the stained glass work, adds charm to the lamps. Antique lamps give our home a classy look. All the light fixtures in our living room are from the flea market, and some antique brass lamps are from our ancestral home.

For parties at home, I use lights behind sheer curtains and also LED lights in coloured glasses to create a soothing ambience. Lamps are used in my home to highlight greenery, picture frames and lamps, and to add an element of drama to the interiors.

Cost-efficient and Unique

An interesting variety of contemporary lights are available, such as illuminated fibre rocks, floor lamps in irregular shapes, flam-shaped bulbs or light strips, and wall sconces. LEDs (light-emitting diode) last long and are energy-efficient. LED lights in fancy shapes are in vogue

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