Kitchen Decor Ideas on How to Spruce up your Kitchen

In most homes, empty beverage bottles, food tin cans, cereal boxes, milk cartons, kitchen foil rolls, cracked glass, etc., are likely to go into the trash can.  Artist and fashion accessory designer by profession and home craft hobbyist by passion, We believes in minimal discard, maximum use. Here are some creative craft tips for kitchen decor with everyday items.

Beverage Bottle Plant Holder 

  • Take an empty beverage bottle.
  • Cut the bottle into two. Use the lower half of the bottle and poke a hole for water to drip out.
  • Paint the bottle with acrylic paints or glass colours – both are waterproof. Decorate the bottle with natural twigs. Bunch them together by tying them with a rubber band, so it’s easy to stick the whole bunch on the bottle. Use the bottle caps to paint on ladybugs, thereby giving a 3D look.

Tin can Cutlery Holder 

  • Take two to three empty tinned food cans. Wash them thoroughly.
  • Apply glue to each tin and cover with separate coloured/printed fabric. Let them dry completely.
  • Using a strong adhesive, stick the tins together.
  • Take an old broken/cracked tray. Glue the broken pieces together and let them dry.
  • Paint the tray. Stick the tins onto the tray.

Beverage bottle garlic holder 

Take an empty beverage bottle (600 ml). Cut approximately one inch from the bottom and reverse the bottle. Punch two holes on each of the opposite sides of the cut half. Paint the entire bottle or cover it with fabric. Paint and fabric, both are washable so it is easy to maintain. Decorate it with old lace or jute strings. Pass the thread from the holes on each side. Hang it on two nails on the wall, keeping the threads apart so you can easily pull out the garlic.

Milk Carton Coasters

Take an empty milk carton and cut open about two centimetres from the top. Cut out two rectangles- one from the front and the other from the back side. Fold each rectangle into half, apply glue on all four sides and stick the two halves together. Take a jute string and shape it into concentric circles. Apply glue on the rectangle base and paste your jute string onto it. Repeat the same for the other rectangle.

Cracked Glass Decor/Pen Stand 

Take an old/cracked glass. Tape the glass from the inside if cracked. Paint the glass in random patterns, use dark colours to hide the crack. Alternatively, use glue on the entire glass and cover it with thread or yarn.

Cereal box Organiser

Take an empty cereal box, cut the top half as per required shape. Take different or leftover bits of decorative paper or newspaper and cover the box with it using an adhesive. Apply paint or decorate as per preference.

Kitchen foil/tissue roll flower vase/pen stand 

Take a tissue roll, use the entire roll or cut into two halves as required. Cover the roll with fabric (cover the bottom part and leave the top open) or paint it. Accessorise it with leftover lace, coloured stones or any other decorative items for Kitchen.

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