Ikebana Flower Room Decor Arrangements

Ikebana is more than putting flowers in a container. It was instant attraction and the art of Ikebana , completely captivated her imagination.  This traditional Japanese art of floral arrangement expresses poetry, emotion and aesthetic appreciation. Ikebana arrangements are also meant to mirror natural ways, where symmetry and balance are eschewed.  The Ikebana colours look beautiful and there are so many teamed together.

The style of Ikebana flower for room decor arrangement is dominated by a few rules. For instance, the height of stems, even the angles at which stems can be placed. A lot of planning goes into each arrangement. The container needs to be simple. It can be low, shallow or tall. The combination of materials, their colours and their placement in the container are all equally important.

Ikebana may not necessarily obsess with proportion. What it really relies on though, is the artist’s eye to achieve a sense of rightness and harmony. And that is something Malini achieves with finesse. The art of Ikebana home decor brings people together. It brings in about a sense of calm in your being.